Acrylic Manicures for Lafayette

Acrylic manicures are a time-honored nail art tradition, with options ranging from your classic white-tip french manicure to she-devil claws that scream diva. Our appearance is one of the most powerful forms we have for self-expression, and getting the perfect nails can make all the difference. With acrylic manicures you can have any look you desire, and know that your nails will work as hard as you do, lasting as long as you need them to. Our expert nail technicians know how to work with you to achieve the manicure of your dreams, while maintaining the health and vitality of your natural nails. Acrylic nails can be rough on your nail beds, but with proper application and aftercare you can minimize the damage done by your fabulous manicure.

The History of Manicures: From Pistachios to Acrylics!

People have been lengthening their nails for thousands of years. Having beautiful, long nails has always been in style. Throughout history women have used precious metals, dyes and even pistachio shells to beautify their nails. It might surprise you that the beginning of modern nail lengthening techniques actually started after a dentist broke his nail and created a realistic fake nail to replace it. That being said we’ve come a long way from the gold claws of ancient China and the pistachio shells of the 19th century, and now beautiful, long nails are as easy as giving your local nail salon a call.

Eyebrow Threading Beautique offers affordable, expertly applied nail treatments to the people of Lafayette. For gorgeous, durable, elegant nails that won’t break the bank, we suggest an acrylic manicure.

Your Acrylic Nails Are in Good Hands With Eyebrow Threading Beautique

We’ve been working with the people of Lafayette for years and we’ve always aimed to make sure that when you come to Eyebrow Threading Beautique looking for that perfect manicure, you know that your hands are in good hands. Like we mentioned before, acrylic nails have a ton of benefits, they’re great for people who have brittle nails that just won’t grow, they’re long-lasting and they look great. That being said, when you’re getting an acrylic manicure, leave it to the professionals. We know the ins and outs of manicures, and we’ll make sure you get the effect you want while keeping your hands, cuticles and natural nails as healthy as possible.

With acrylic nails your manicure options are endless. You can be the belle of the ball with dramatic long nails, you can express your individuality with unique nail art, or you can go for a classic, subtle look with a natural style. Our nail technicians are here to help our Lafayette clients find the perfect shade to fit any mood or occasion, and we’ll work with you so that when you leave you feel as fabulous as your manicure looks.