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Acrylic Manicure

The beauty of the wide range of acrylic nails that we offer at Eyebrow Threading Beautique is that they are fun, fake and easy to apply. Some might think that the disposable nature of acrylic nails is a drawback but we do not. On the contrary, we feel that the short-term nature of this type of manicure means that they are perfect for a busy individual who wishes to let their hair down at the weekend. In addition, the acrylic tips and extensions that we offer at Eyebrow Threading Beautique come in a wide range of colors and exciting styles, which means that when it comes to new nail designs, the world is your oyster.

The Perks of Artificial Nails over Gel Nails

Do you want a change from your regular nails? Are you concerned about the drawbacks of frequently having to use a UV lamp in a gel manicure? If so, then acrylic nails are the perfect solution. At Eyebrow Threading Beautique we always tell our clients to think about their preferences when it comes to achieving nail perfection. If you would rather fake it than bake it, then acrylic nails are your obvious choice.

Despite what many people think, there is certainly more that unites gel and artificial acrylic nails then what divides them. For instance, both types of manicures can lengthen and strengthen short nails while making your fingers appear longer and more slender. In addition, when you come to Eyebrow Threading Beautique you can rest assured knowing that whatever type of manicure you choose, you will receive the same winning combination of skill and care.

That being said, a number of differences do exist between both manicure styles. Each has their own unique selling points, but the perks of artificial acrylic nails include:

  • If you break one it can usually be repaired at home, saving you time and money.
  • Unlike gel manicures, the removal process is very straightforward. One of our skilled technicians will simply soak your nails in warm water which removes the nail easily.
  • They are extremely durable and, with the right level of care, are very long-lasting.
  • In general, they tend to be a cheaper alternative to the more expensive gel manicure option.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to reshape your nails for a night on the town or a weekend away, then extensions are the way to go. At Eyebrow Threading Beautique our award-winning technicians can provide a plastic plate extension that follows the natural shape of your nail to add length, style and color. From there, our team will apply an acrylic or fiberglass mixture to the surface of the nail extension to ensure it remains in place. Nail extensions are perfect for people who bite their nails or for those who want a fast and affordable solution.